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Regulations in the conduct of University Exams

Wed 31 Jan 2018

Meeting of Students with The Provosts, Heads And Examiners 21st April 2016 Auditorium


  • —All student are advised to take note of the REGULATIONS guiding the conduct of University Examinations.
    —Ignorance of these regulation  shall not be considered as a mitigating factor in the event of any  breach  of a said regulation.
    —Examination Time tables shall be posted on College and Student Notice Boards and it is the responsibility of Candidates to consult these Notice Boards for details.
    —The University reserves the right, to make changes in the time table


  • —All candidates shall report at the Examination Hall Thirty (30) minutes before the start of the Examination.

For Example: Report at these times:

  1. For 8:a.m. paper report at  7:30 a.m.
  2. For 2:00 p.m. paper report at : 1:30 p.m.
  • —Any Candidate who enters the Examination Hall within Thirty minutes from the start of paper shall report to the Invigilator before being checked in.
  • —No Candidate shall be allowed to leave the Examination Hall until after Thirty (30) minutes after the commencement of the Examination.


  • —Candidates are to have in their possession their
  1. identity card
  2. examination cards

In the situation where  you  don’t have your ID card in your possession  obtain a clearance note from your department.

  • —In addition candidates should bring their own …..
  1. pens, pencils, protractors, compasses,
  2. non-programmable calculators etc.


  • —Unless specifically authorized by the examiner, no candidate shall take into an examination hall or have in his/her  possession during and examination, any of the following:
  1. Notes:, Textbooks, prepared materials;
  2. hats, bags, pencil cases;
  3. mobile phones;  programmable calculators; palm top computers; scanners;
  4. radios; and, any unauthorized electronic Gadgets etc.

A candidate who brings any of these is in breach of examination regulations


  • —Candidates shall use their Index Numbers throughout the examination. Under no circumstance should  candidates use their names during examinations. Failure to do so  shall render the student’s answer booklet null and void
  • —Candidates are not permitted to start the Examination until the invigilator instructs them to do so. Writing on answer booklet prior to the start of the examinations shall constitute a breach of examination regulations and the appropriate sanction applied.


  • —No Candidate shall pass notes or seek any other information or make any form of solicitation from other candidates.
  • —A candidate shall not pass or attempt  to pass any information or instrument to another candidate
  • —A candidate may attract the attention of the invigilator by raising a  hand


  • —No Candidate shall be allowed to leave the Examination Hall until after 30 mins after the commencement of the Examination
  • —Candidates may leave the examination hall temporarily only with the expressed permission of the Invigilator and shall be under escort.
  • —No candidate shall take away any used or unused booklet ; supplementary sheet; scan able form or any material supplied for the purposes of the examination
  • —Any candidate who finishes an Examination ahead of the stipulated Time may leave the examination hall after  handing over his /her  answer books to the Invigilator. Such candidate shall not be allowed to return to the examination hall.


  • You shall not pass or attempt  to pass any information or instrument to another candidate during examinations.
  • You shall not copy or attempt  to copy from another candidate.
  • You shall not position your answer booklet or sheet in such  a manner that another candidate may be able to read.
  • You shall not in any way disturb or distract other candidates during the examination


  • —Students, should dress decently to the examination hall.  Any candidate who does not dress decently would be refused entry into the examination hall.
  • —Plagiarism in any form is a serious offense punishable by dismissal from the University. Candidates are advised to credit any material used in their work that has been derived from another source. When in doubt , candidate are advised to consult their supervisor and /or head of department.
  • —Smoking or eating is not permitted in the examination hall.  Any violation shall be treated as a breach of examination regulations.


  • —Infringement of any of these regulations by an examination  candidate shall constitute misconduct- and shall attract any one and/or more of the following sanctions;
  1. Rustication from the University for stated period
  2. Reprimand
  3. Warning
  4. With-holding of result for a period
  5. Suspension from the University
  6. Dismissal

All academic  records including transcript would become null and void after the dismissal of a dismissed student