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Fast Facts

Brief History

The Department of Agricultural Engineering was established in 1961 as one of the component Departments of the Faculty of Agriculture of the University, offering courses in Agricultural Mechanisation to students of the 4year Honours undergraduate programme in Agriculture.

Before the establishment, there was no Institution in Ghana that was training professional Agricultural Engineers, and the few Ghanaian professional Agricultural Engineers then had to be trained in Overseas Colleges and Universities.

In 1971 however, following the acceptance of proposals submitted to the University, the Department of Agricultural Engineering was charged with the responsibility of running a 4year undergraduate degree programme to train professional Agricultural Engineering addition to its commitments to the Faculty of Agriculture. The School of Engineering was then the degree-awarding body for this professional engineering programme. This gave birth to the Department as it exists today.

Until recently the Department was handled academically by both the Faculty of Agriculture and the School of Engineering through a Joint Board of Studies composed of the Faculty of Agriculture and School of Engineering.