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Francis Kemausuor

Educational History

2012 – 2015: PhD Bioengineering - Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Ghana

2005 – 2006: MPhil Engineering for Sustainable Development; University of Cambridge

2000 – 2004: BSc. Agricultural Engineering; Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Ghana

Some Courses I Teach

1. Bioenergy Technology (MSc Level)

2. Renewable Energy Applications in Rural Development (MSc Level)

3. Agro-waste Sources and their Properties (MSc Level)

4. Renewable Energy Systems and Management (BSc Level)

5. Environmental Control and Livestock Housing (BSc Level)

6. Properties of Agricultural and Engineering Materials (BSc Level)

7. Agricultural Materials Handling (BSc Level)

8. Rural Engineering (BSc Level)

9. Farm Power and Machinery Management (BSc Level)

 Research Interests

My research activities have been centered on Bioenergy Technology Development and Energy Access in sub-Saharan Africa. With regards to Bioenergy, my interest lies in general biomass assessment and modeling bioenergy contribution to both electricity and fuel demand in rural communities and performing financial feasibility assessment. I have also conducted research into the utilisation of agro-industrial residue and wood waste for electricity generation. My research in Energy Access has involved the use of geo-spatial technologies to promote energy access in Ghana and West Africa, working together on a number of assignments with GIS experts in the university and beyond. I have also used Long Range Energy Alternative Planning (LEAP) modeling tool to model future energy scenarios in a few assignments.

 Areas of expertise

Renewable Energy Expert

Biomass/Bioenergy Expert

Expert in Feasibility Study of Energy Projects

Membership of Professional Bodies

1.Ghana Institution of Engineers (GhIE)

2. American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers

3. Ghana Society of Agricultural Engineering

Publications Since 2010

1. Kemausuor, F., Nygaard, I., and Mackenzie, G. (2015). Prospects for bioenergy use in Ghana using Long Range Energy Alternative Planning model. Energy

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